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Got my fabulous spray in the mail.   Even in the Texas heat, there was no leakage during transport.   The sprayer has a look on it to keep it from leaking when put into use.  Awesomeness.  Been using the spray for a week.  Love it. The fresh scent is great. And with the glycerin, my hands don’t crack from use.
A.R. -
I received my 2 bottles today And I Love it! The Cinnamon Smell got me feeling like I'm in a Bakery! It's Just right. I could Spray this anywhere and I plan on keeping a bottle at work and home. The Fragrance Is just Right. Not too Weak and Not too Strong. Just enough to have your Room, Office, Car, Bathroom, etc smelling Beautifully! You did Awesome! I got to be careful and not go on a Spraying rampage around here now Thanks Again this is Perfect!
D.R - Birmingham, AL
Can’t find Lysol or bleach? Check out this everything spray sanitizer/cleaner! Made by my friend a d co-worker Erica @myflystyle_ceo !!! If you are ever on her plane, trust it will be sanitized down...sis does not play!!! Smells amazing and it’s teenager-approved! My 17-year-old wipes EVERYTHING down with this spray!!! We love it!!! Check out her page and click the link in her bio to support or visit
R.B - Dallas, TX
My Fly Style Purifier is an excellent product. I take it to my work sites and office. Since I'm in construction, it works well for me. We use porta potties and the restrooms can get nasty. I spray it down and have that bucket smelling like cinnamon crush lol. (Strong enough for a porta-potty)The easy-to-use spray helps me keep my site's heavy traffic surface area clean from anything. My Fly Style Purifier is also good on my hands. The essential oils in the purifier prevent dry skin. Thanks Again!
G.B - Oakland, CA